New Problem with VS2008

After getting the template wizard working, a new problem occured. Its seems to be related to x64 especially. The 32bit version compiled and linked fine, but the 64 is giving me trouble now.

And this helped me out:

Finally my first max plugin showed up in the Plug-in Manager.

Thats all for today.

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Finally getting the 3ds max Plugin Wizard to work

I just wanted to give it a try, but after one hour of searching and trying i finally got it working on Windows Seven X64 with Max 2010 X64.

The missing information was that you have to change not only the installation path of the wizard but also the line




Now i finally see the wizard. Lets hope it will work.

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Space Haze is here.

Space Haze is here.

Our first IPhone game hits the store:

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Hello world!

Now finally i decided to have a blog about my wandering through the world of OS X and iPhone programming.

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